San José de la Salle Summer Teacher’s Exchange

La Salle is a network first founded by Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle and the Brothers of the Christian Schools in France. Since its founding, la Salle's network has spread across the world, teaching over 900,000 students in eighty different countries. A prominent feature of Latin American education, la Salle has seven schools in Ecuador alone, and its first school, San José, was founded in 1910 in the Pearl of the Pacific, Guayaquil. Today, the brothers work with a professional staff of English teachers to advance bilingualism on their elementary and high school campuses.inter01

The Summer Exchange Program was established in 2013 to assist in the bilingual education of students from Pre-K through high school. Teachers from select schools in the United States travel to Guayaquil to live and work at San José de la Salle for five weeks.

While teachers who are certified in English as a Second Language deeply valued, those from all content areas are welcome at la Salle, as students receive Language Arts, Language Lab, History, Science, and Mathematics in both English and Spanish.


Teachers working with grades Pre-K through 7 will be traveling to the North Campus, while those working with the higher grades will stay at central campus.

Central campus is the home base of the Summer Exchange, where meals and accommodations are provided to English teachers by the Brothers of la Salle.


Your Service

As Exchange teachers, you will spend five weeks working alongside English teachers who are native Spanish speakers to assist them in their English fluency and their teaching strategies for English Language Learners. Each weekday, you will attend classes from 7:20 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., following an individualized schedule which pairs you with teachers in the most compatible grade and content areas. For example, if you are a Math teacher, you may be paired up with the Math teachers in the elementary or high school, based on your experience and personal preferences.inter05

During the first half of your service, you will be primarily observing teachers to gain a sense of their fluency and pedagogical style, before working alongside them to assist during classes, and finally, giving demonstrative classes toward the end of your service. Additionally, each week, you will have the opportunity to meet with all teachers, including your fellow Exchange teachers, and the English Program Coordinator to develop teaching strategies and further practice English pronunciation.

The English teachers are eager to learn, and to also teach you some new insights about Ecuadorian culture and life in Guayaquil!

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During your time in Ecuador, you will be staying in private quarters on the fourth floor of San Jo's Central Campus, in the heart of downtown Guayaquil, a quick walk from the Malecón 2000 waterfront. Each Exchange teacher is provided





Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is also provided every day. Exchange teachers eat with the Brothers in the dining room. Meals are created using freshly-prepared, local food.












On the weekends, the Brothers invite you to travel to some of the most beautiful sites in the country, including Quito, the capital, historical Cuenca, nestled in the Andes mountains, and Playas, a quaint beach town along the Pacific coast, as well as the many historical and touristic sites Guayaquil has to offer, from the Historical Zoological Park to one of the many Malecón waterfronts.


















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